This blog is dedicated to my family. They are my strength and support. They are the people whom I love and who have taught me all the most important life lessons – priorities, motivation, free will, charity, forgiveness, repentance, service – the list goes on.

I am passionate about the family unit. It is a divine structure and the best foundation for the development of human life. The family is not a place where perfect parents say perfect things, lead in perfect ways or have perfect feelings of love for their perfect children.  It is a laboratory where parents learn lessons of leadership as they help their children reach their potential. In our work to create enduring relationships, we progress together with encouragement, example, service, support, leadership, struggle and continued effort. Families are made up of ordinary people who are extraordinarily devoted to the welfare of one another.

I will try and keep you posted on my status, thoughts and ideas about this journey we are on together. Thank you for all you do for us and our family.