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It’s been a long time since I’ve written. Is it possible that we are already into October?

I can’t believe that time moves so quickly. After my transplants we came back to Monterrey from January until June and then spent much of the summer in Utah so that I could get treatment without having to travel. Paul did travel back and forth for work and has stayed very busy building his Alta Ventures Fund. We did my quarterly tests there in both April and July. In April the doctor said that I was in remission and the July tests confirmed that this is still the case, which is great news! My October results come back on Monday and we are thinking it is more good news. I will let you know.

In August, we moved to Mexico City which we are enjoying very much. It is a way for Paul to work with the Alta Group of funds and get closer to a Mexico City treatment option. The people in Monterrey were very kind as are the people in Mexico City. We truly love the people in Mexico.

Paul and Nathan Furr launched a book that came out this summer called Nail It then Scale It. 

It is the process that entrepreneurs can take to build a business and avoid pain, delays and spending too much money. The feedback they are getting on the book is truly exceptional. Entrepreneurs have come back to tell them that they have build their whole business around the NISI model and are now executing their businesses to great success. Paul has spoken on the book now several times and has offered webinars in English and Spanish. Yes, he’s been busy. It has been particularly helpful in creating a common language and process for both his entrepreneurs and his investors. You can buy it on Amazon if you’d like.


The kids are adjusting well into their new school and have very fun after school activities. Church and the people in the ward are great and we are happily in an English speaking ward. Mexico City is definitely a switch from Monterrey of a completely different kind, but we did not have the culture shock, so the transition has been quite peaceful. I am on an organizing kick, so we are organizing everything from the bottom up – the only thing you ever really do completely when you move homes. It is always good to have a fresh start.

We are happy and healthy and haven’t had time yet to see the city yet. We are still working through daily logistics, school, travel and other such things. We will get there someday to see the sights and really get to enjoy being in a new, adventurous place. We love you all and hope you are all well.

I am still looking for an apple/pina empanada place that rivals Angelly’s bakery in Monterrey but haven’t found one yet.

With all of the travel, Tamara is our life saver and keeps everyone moving in the right direction. The kids are enjoying their new friends, their new environment and their new school. Clark is learning Swedish and the proper way of speaking British (and even speaks in a British accent in his sleep) because he does not want  to learn Spanish, but that too will come. The kids have wonderful teachers and fun after-school activities. Megan is enjoying her horsebackriding lessons which are close to the house. 

The kids are amazing and willing to have new experiences. We are trying to enjoy the journey, even in the midst of uncertainty and change. It is certainly an adventure that none of us will forget.

Thank you for your prayers and support for our family. I know that it has literally picked us up and carried us through some difficult times. For now, we are happy and working hard.

2 thoughts on “Our Latest

  1. It is wonderful to hear from you and to learn of your adventures.
    You are certainly missed here in White Rock. We hope you have a wonderful time in Mexico City. You are often in our thoughts and we wish you health and joy in each day! Love to you and the whole family! The Pack Family

  2. Jenny:

    Thank you for the update. Sure good to hear the great news. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Kyle & Claudia Love

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