Farewell, Utah

The New Year is here and my family has since returned to Mexico after a fun visit in Utah during the holidays. I followed them a day later and returned to Mexico after living in Utah for more than 7 months.

It has been a week of transition – from very cold weather to a sunny 75 degrees, from friends and family in Utah to our newer circle of friends in Mexico, and from lots of quiet alone time to time back with the family.

It will take some time to adjust, but it is a great adjustment to be back with the family again. The kids aren’t quite sure what to think. Neal keeps asking if I am staying. I have been enjoying just being near them and listening to them. I still can’t do much, but it is enough to just be here and to give the kids hugs.

I leave Utah with mixed emotions. So much of our family is there and so many long-time friends are there. We love you all. We have been watched over and cared for by so many of you.  Thank you, Karen and Brian and family for having me in your home. Thank you, Sharon for your amazing care and love. Thank you to all our friends and family for all you have done for us – for your encouragement and support, for your kind acts of service, and for your prayers.

We are continuing our work in Mexico – to create a venture fund that will provide innovation and jobs for the good people here. I will be returning to Utah quarterly for testing and will be doing my annual maintenance therapy in Texas. Our lives have increased in complexity, but we know that we will make it through if we remember where our true strength lies.

May we see you all again soon!

One thought on “Farewell, Utah

  1. Jenny:
    That is awesome! We are grateful to hear that you are back with your family. Paul needs someone to keep him out of trouble! 🙂 You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Kyle & Claudia Love

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