What Just Happened to My Life?

I feel like someone just opened the drawers of our family’s life and dumped them onto the floor, expecting us to make sense of what just happened. Can you tell that the reality has just set in? Tami’s Facebook post in Mexico said it best: “Starting to realize I really live in Mexico with 7 boys and this isn’t just a trip.”

Now that we are a few weeks into the process, the whole family is sort of in a stupor. We are all still moving forward, but now that the rush of decisions is over, the day-to-day is setting in. There is no “normal” way to do what we are doing and we are all feeling a bit lost.

We will navigate our way through it, but wow, this is all new.

2 thoughts on “What Just Happened to My Life?

  1. I just want you to know, that when Sharon said something to the effect of “we are not working off a script!” I was so grateful that someone could put the feelings I think a lot of us were (and are feeling) into words so perfectly. We can only script the words that come out of our own mouths, and by far, I think you are doing FANTASTIC at being shoved out there in the spotlight with a whole new story to tell! I think think you couldn’t be writing anything more beautiful!!! Thanks!

  2. Jenny! I just heard the news, and wanted to respond right away. I went to facebook to leave a little message, and found your blog! I am regularly quite a talker, but have been left quite speechless as I have read your words! I have always really admired and looked up to you, but this just takes everything to the next level. All of your words are beautiful and meaningful. I particularly like the metaphor of the drawers of your family’s life dumped on the floor! Although I’ve never experienced just what you are right now, I know this feeling well.
    I described it similarly to a dear friend of mine in Switzerland. A year after my daddy died (so unexpectedly and in a way that made things so long and drawn out) my high school sweet heart came home from his mission and was talking about marriage with me. I had always thought I would marry him, as did he and just about everyone that knew us. But as I prayed about it, my feelings became increasingly uneasy. It took me many hours on my knees one evening to be willing to hear the answer “NO—he is not what you belong with forever”. He was the last thing that still felt mostly the same as it had been before my daddy died, and I was not only devastated & heart broken, but terrified to let go. I told my friend Dani :
    I feel as though the mirror reflecting my life cracked in a million pieces the day my daddy died—and bit by bit, the pieces have fallen to the floor. Now HE (the boyfriend) is the last large piece that remains on the wall…its all I have left to hold on to, to see myself clearly through. If I let this last piece of glass fall, the me that once was (that was strong and confident, intelligent, on top of things, full of faith, potential, courage, and beauty which reflected from the inside out) will be gone, and all I will have left is a pile of ugly, sharp shards of glass on the floor — and the reflection I will see staring back through all those bits of glass will be a misshapen shadow of what I once was.
    She responded with these wise words — You need to stop seeing yourself through the broken glass on the floor. You have been blessed with the opportunity /need to put a whole new mirror on the wall! Choose to make it better than the last.
    Although I have ALWAYS strived to have God at the helm of my life, when I followed in faith, and changed completely the course I was headed in —-traded in the course I thought I wanted for willingness to accept God’s path for me (which has in many ways been quite different) I have realized ever more what it really means to have a LOVING Father in Heaven at the helm. I have allowed him to change me through joy and pain, blessings and adversity — and bit by bit created a whole new mirror and have been able to see a whole new reflection of who I am through God’s eyes.
    My family will pray and fast for you and yours! If there is ever anything I can do, in any way to help you or your family—-PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK. I AM HERE AND ALWAYS WILLING AND READY.
    Katie (williams) Pruess

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