My Mentor

I had to write about this miracle in my life. This is a photo of my new myeloma mentor, Sarah Bertagnole. The Huntsman staff mentioned that there was another mother of six children who had experienced the treatment path of two stem cell transplants. On the first day of my chemo, Sarah walks in the door into the infusion room. She was visiting from Wyoming to do a 3 month checkup and bone marrow biopsy to check for remission. She sat down with me for 45 minutes and shared her story of her family, her diagnosis, and some experiences with her children. She showed me how to tie a turban on my head. She was postive, upbeat, happy and so friendly and loving. She came by on the following day to let me know that she was in full remission and to give me more strength and comfort.

I can’t tell you what a miracle this was to meet her. Multiple myeloma is a disease typically contracted by men in their 70’s, not by women of our age. We are exactly the same age. She has six beautiful children and a great husband. Her family lived in Wyoming while she came to Salt Lake to receive treatment and was cared for by her mom.

Meeting her was a huge tender mercy from the Lord. She gave me a mental picture and and end state when I was starting on day 1. She gave me strength and encouragement. She radiates a positive energy and joy and she is a true delight to be around. Even in the waiting room, Sharon noticed her and was drawn to her. She started her treatment almost exactly a year ago to the day of my start.

She will be my mentor and my support and I can’t believe I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to know her and meet her. Marvelous blessings are being poured out from the Lord to me and to my family. This was a huge one.

My heart is full of gratitude for her and to the Lord for letting me meet her on such a critical day and time. What a blessing!

One thought on “My Mentor

  1. Coincidence ? I dont think so……..God send you an angel Jenny , to hold you hand on this adventure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!….. Im so glad you met her.
    Hugs and kisses from you and Megan

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