A Journey Beginning

I start this blog as woman, wife and mother who is beginning a new family journey. I am 43 and have a darling husband and six beautiful children. Over the summer, I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a form of bone cancer. Truly, my first thought as I considered the diagnosis was one word: Family. I love my job and I want to keep doing it. My husband and I enjoy a joyful marriage and we make a great team. I want to share life’s journey with him every step of the way. My children are talented and brilliant. I want to read them bedtime stories, cook them food, help them with homework, send them on missions, plan their weddings and babysit my grandchildren. The immediate and extended family relationships we have bring me the greatest joy in this life I could ever know.  And now we begin a new journey joined together by family.

So what now? Since our family has been living in Mexico, the diagnosis adds complexity. The treatment path is two bone marrow transplants which requires me to be in a sterile or protected environment for about 6 months. We have decided to have the boys return to Mexico with Dad, while I stay in Utah to receive treatment. Our daughter will stay here with me and attend school here with old friends while she also offers me support. She is a living angel.

The outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming. We are so grateful for the encouragement, love, prayers, flowers, food and service. Many kind acts of service have been offered on our behalf, from the opening of the Bentley home to me during treatment, a home and care for my daughter, the kindness and sacrifice of Aunt Tami for the boys in Mexico and every other support. It is a difficult time, but we have the tangible support and guidance of family, our friends and our Father in Heaven as we have made every choice. We are certainly not walking alone.

I am passionate about my family. I am sure this blog will be therapy to share ideas on a variety of subjects – faith, food, and family. Together, we will get through the trials and tests of faith.

Thank you for your constant support and love. I hope we can serve you as you are serving us during this time.

Love, Jenny

14 thoughts on “A Journey Beginning

  1. Jenny I had heard you were sick but my mom said it was Fibro Myalga so I wasn’t too concerned. She’s funny. Anyway, we will keep you and your sweet family in our prayers. I don’t know if there’s much we can do for you because it sounds like you have lots of support but please do not hesitate to ask!

  2. We look forward to following your blog. You have a beautiful family. We will keep you all in our prayers.

  3. Dear Jenny,
    I tried to find the right words to comfort and above all to speak correctly in English, but I can not pass more time to tell you that you I really admire you, I admire this attitude in the face of this new adventure as you mention it, and without any doubt please include me in your adventure, my heart and good wishes are with you, and in regard to Monterrey, I´m here to help as much as I can.
    You are in our prayers, as well as Paul and your family, please say hello to Megan, and again thank you for sharing this blog.

    With great admiration, respect and love
    Brenda Palacios

  4. Jenny,

    We heard your devastating news but your attitude remains so positive. You are a true inspiration and the Lord will watch out for you and your precious family during this tender time. Please let me know if we can be of any help, if you need drivers or books to read or simply fasting and prayers we will always be willing to help out in any way you need. Our prayers are with you and your sweet family.

    Jennie and Steve Burt

  5. Love your thoughts, Jenny. You’re an amazing women with a great family! Looking forward on following you on this blog and know that we are here for helping you and your family, count with us and in our prays.

  6. Dear Jenny,
    I just read your note from Facebook and immediately came to read your blog. Thank you for letting me know. My heart jumped when I read your news. I thought “No, not Jenny!”. This blog helps to see a great future ahead for you and your great family. The Lord is refining you once again. What a story you will have to tell from the journey you are on, what lessons you are learning and will learn that will bless your life and all those that know you.

    It’s so wonderful that you met Sarah and she can truly be a guide and friend that understands more than almost anyone. You will beat this, I know it!

    My prayers are with you and your family for strength, peace, healing, joy and love. I will watch for more posts when you can.

    Your friend always,

  7. Jenny,
    Thank you for creating this blog so that we can go through this with you, and know how to pray for you. I appreciate your openness. I’ll call the Fresno Temple right now so that more prayers of faith can be said in your behalf.
    Love, Camille (Cluff) Fox

  8. Dear Jenny,
    Thank you for keeping us informed through this blog! Our prayers are with you continually and we are keeping your’s and Paul’s names on the prayer roll. We love you! Sam and Mona

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